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What if I decide Beacon isn’t for Me?

It’s a fair question. Regardless of how good our work is, it’s always possible that we’re just not the right fit with some companies. So let’s say you’ve started working with us, but now that some time has passed, you want to switch to one of our competitors. How do we handle that?

It’s Your Data, Not Ours

First of all, one of our core values is transparency. Which means whenever you want full access to the online data we have built for you, you just have to ask (we’d give it right away, but most client’s don’t want to be bogged down with details they don’t need).

But this means that your online hosting account, and your administrative login to the background CMS, and anything else that we have of yours, we turn over instantly. More importantly, all of your account data that resides online is built in such a way that it can easily be turned over to you or your new marketing company. And we won’t hold on to any of it. After all, it’s your data, not ours.

Some examples of this kind of data are your Facebook Page, Google+ Page, Youtube channel, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, WordPress Admin, Domain Registrar, and Hosting account.

How is This Different Than Other Marketers?

A lot of companies will aggregate all of their client’s data into one big pot. It makes it easier for them to manage it in some cases, and it’s just sloppy in others. But all-to-often, it’s done because if you leave them, then all of your marketing efforts get reset when you do.

That’s not the case with Beacon. We strive to build an online presence for you, an entire persona that your customers get to know you by. And if a client decides to transition away, we want to make sure that all of our efforts in theirĀ behalf don’t go out the window. You paid for us to work for you, so even if you leave, the work we did for you stays.

It’s also really good for you because you don’t lose any historical data this way. Your new marketer will be able to see everything that we tried: what worked, and what didn’t. And that way you can see for yourself what marketing tactics are working for your company over time.

Frankly, any company that isn’t willing to share that kind of data, is clearly trying to hide something about what they were doing. We’ve got nothing to hide.

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