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Are You Easily Pinfluenced?

Are You Easily Pinfluenced?

No doubt your company has made themselves known on Facebook by now. Maybe you’ve even ventured further and created a Twitter account? If you just nodded your head yes then congrats! You’re well on your way to expanding your customer base and how you interact with them. When used right, each social media “tool” can create a better customer experience and shape your brand’s reputation.

Now that you’re in the social media mood and possibly feeling ambitious and/or adventurous, check out Pinterest Business pages. If your first thought is: “But Pinterest is only a virtual pinboard for fashion, cupcake recipes, hairstyles… and did we mention cupcakes!” then I’d reply: “Nay! It’s time to start thinking outside the box!” Even non-cupcake organizations (like Universities, Automakers, Pet Insurers, and Non-Profits) can succeed on Pinterest.

If you’re slowly warming up to the idea (and we always need an excuse to get warm here in Alaska!), ask yourself these simple questions to prepare for your dive into the pinning pool:

  1. Who would you like to reach?
  2. What are their needs/wants?
  3. How can you provide this for them?

The answers to these questions will help you begin telling your story to an audience that is already prepared and willing to engage and identify with your company. Go forth and break the mold!

Happy pinning!

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