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Put the Graphic Into Infographic

Put the Graphic Into Infographic

We are a visual society that consumes digital data at an insane rate. One of the best ways to communicate large amounts of data is an infographic.

Offer precise and compelling data.
Choose the data you would like to share and simplify it into numbers, graphs, and icons. Only share information that is relevant and exciting, you want your infographic to grab attention, which is hard to get online.

Get Creative.
Keep in mind that most people are visual and will tend to share a visually striking post over solid text. Use icons, colors, and typography in a way that portrays your message. For example, if your infographic were about Alaskan winters, you wouldn’t want to show palm trees. However, if you’re selling winter vacations, palm trees could be a perfect element. No matter what your visuals are, make sure they’re relevant.

Spread the word.
The purpose of an infographic is that it will be shared and bring new visitors back to your page and to your company. Start by sharing your infographic on your blog and website, since this is where you eventually want them to come back to. Link your infographic to your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), email newsletter, and by sharing with fellow businesses.

Use your infographic.
Infographics don’t need to stop at the web. They translate very easily into video, using music and transitions to create a more dynamic message. They can also be used in print for posters, media kits, annual reports, and in brochures. Once you have the design, there are endless possibilities on how you use it.

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without an infographic, so here’s an example of one that will help to get the ball rolling for your next visual post!

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