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3 steps that will create lead generating websites

We @ Beacon really love everything about Social Media: We love the strategy, the contests and excitement generated with every post.  Social Media is exciting, fast paced and challenging. Take a look at our client, Kaleidoscape. Her Facebook page has generated a substantial following in less than 3 months. She has 754 fans, growing every day, and her business isn’t even open yet!  Social Media might be the new bright and shiny tool in our marketing toolbox, but a sparkly new tool can’t replace the basic importance of a hammer or wrench.

The central piece of our client’s online marketing game plan for 2013 still includes the same basic tool that was central in 2012…The website. In fact, for 2013, a top notch website is even more important than last year. A website that generates leads, converts to sales and creates long-term revenue, that’s the meat of the meal. That’s the marketing piece that makes the sales staff AND the accounting staff of a company cheer. It’s a return on investment that grows the company.  Where as social media can have a huge impact on branding, client relations and customer service and certainly should be an important part of your marketing plan; the bottom line is that if your website is lacking you are certainly losing sales.

Let’s take a look at three steps that will create lead generating web sites:

1. Make Contacting You EASY.

Make it easy to call, email or instant chat with you from every page. Prospective/ current customers have less and less patience searching sites. Since 40% are most likely accessing your website through a mobile or ipad device- it’s up to you to make sure they can click and contact. Even if your customers don’t actually call, the presence of a phone number gives credibility and trust. Check out what we designed for IMIG AV. There’s contact information on the right side of almost every page.

2. Avoid Common Website Templates

There are some great templates out there, and we’ve even used them from time to time when a client needs nothing more than an online brochure and has a very limited budget. Making a lead generating website takes investment and strategy. Invest in the best possible website you can afford, and make sure your page’s purpose is clear and the design complements the function. We suggest using Word Press for great form and function. Lastly, common website templates often don’t allow easy social share functions, landing pages and blogs. These items are key components to creating lead generation. Obviously, having a well-designed site can also increase trust and confidence in a prospective client.

3. Measure And Test Results

The best lead generation tactics in the world will not truly benefit your bottom line unless you are able to test and measure your content, call to actions and landing pages. Google Analytics offers free measuring tools. Your content, sources and even demographics of users can be measured and tested throughout the process. The amount of information provided can help you tailor your landing pages, offers and content shared.  There are also various software options to help you automate responses to those possible leads that are visiting your website.

Hopefully we’ve given a few good suggestions on creating more leads from your website. If you have questions on landing pages, blogs or more give us a shout!

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