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Let’s be Social!

Hello there Beacon blog readers! Here’s the first blog from your local print-world maven.

I must make a confession: I’m a type fiend. When I receive emails from MyFonts News, I have to do my best to not short circuit my keyboard with irrepressible drool. Just picture most women’s reaction to Jimmy Choo shoes and you’ll be on the right track. You could even label me as a “type hoarder;” if I see a well-made (and hopefully free) font you’d better believe I’ve already pressed the download button. My Font Book currently has 362 fonts and counting since I just stumbled across The 50 Best Fonts for Designers blog article.

Don’t worry; this isn’t simply a post to declare my love for typography. In my latest font downloading frenzy, I came across the usual option of choosing whether to donate or not. But then something new popped up: Pay With a Tweet – a social payment system. My curiosity had been officially piqued! I clicked the button to pay via Twitter, wrote my own tweet and my download began. After just a few clicks, I came away with a free font and the font creator came away with free advertising (to my astonishing 43 Twitter followers no less).

How does Pay With a Tweet work exactly? You must start with a downloadable product that you are the legal owner of (fonts, songs, ebooks, etc.), create a Pay Button via the Innovative Thunder site and place this newly generated button on your website. Every time someone uses your button, your product and website are advertised on either their Facebook or Twitter (their choice). Keep in mind that your new customer can modify how their post/tweet appears but your website address is unchangeable. In theory, their friends or followers go through the same process and so on. Something that you were once willing to give away for free has now rippled through the Internet, creating free advertising for you as it went!

Well, what do you think? Would you use this social system?

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