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(VIDEO) Marketing in Reno? This Digital Strategy Is for You

Marketing in Reno? This Digital Strategy Is for You


Reno is growing.

Since top tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla have moved into the area, businesses in supporting industries have flooded Reno to provide necessary goods and services to employees and their families.

If you are one of these businesses or a business affected by the influx of competition, you have probably boosted your marketing efforts to get your voice heard above the crowd!

We’ve put together this handy, digital marketing strategy to help you do just that.

Digital marketing is the most effective form of marketing for reaching the biggest number of the most qualified leads for your business.

After 20 years in the marketing industry, we have developed a digital marketing funnel that delivers some pretty amazing results.

Learn more about our digital marketing funnel and how it can help you bring in new business in Reno!

How to Use Digital Marketing to Bring in New Business in Reno

Digital marketing only works if your strategy is geared toward the people you are trying to reach, so we will be using their thought process to guide our strategy.

No matter where you are from, Reno or otherwise, customers go through a thought process when they are making purchase decisions.

In marketing, we call this process the “four stages of the buying cycle.”

The stages of the buying cycle are Attract, Engage, Convert, and Close. There is also a fifth stage that should come before all of the rest in a successful digital marketing strategy. We call it, “Prepare.”

In each stage of the customer thought process, we use a different digital marketing tactic to address the specific state of mind our customer is in. We do this to bring them one step closer to becoming new business for us!

1. Prepare for Digital Marketing

It is important to have a strong brand and website before you begin digital marketing, especially in a competitive market like Reno.

Both your brand and your website contribute to helping your customers understand who you are and what you do.

The “Prepare” stage is all about getting your digital presence ready to put it in front of as much of your target audience as possible, to drive leads.


The logo of your Reno business is your first impression to customers.

Your brand should visually communicate who you are and what you do in a split second.

Businesses with weak brands confuse their customers with mismatched fonts, a mix of colors, and nonsensical logo variations to boot!

If you do not already have a strong brand in your digital marketing arsenal, invest in getting your logo, colors, and fonts redone.

Make sure the agency you work through provides you with a style guide which helps your staff know how to preserve the integrity of your brand.

Website Design

Your website serves two purposes.

First, it is where customers can learn about who you are and what you do.

Second, your website is what Google uses to determine where you should rank online for searches in Reno.

The structure and content on your website should be optimized for both of these “users.”

For customers, your website should load quickly, navigate intuitively, and read easily.

For Google, your website should also function seamlessly, make structural sense, and contain “keyword-optimized” content.

To “keyword-optimize” your content is to make sure all of your pages have a specific focus keyword that you incorporate naturally throughout the text, headlines, and metadata.

This tells Google what you are talking about in its own, algorithmic language!

If your website is not in a good spot–loading slowly, difficult to navigate, or unoptimized for Google–get it up to speed before you commence your digital marketing strategy!

2. Attract Reno Customers

After you have prepared your brand and your website for digital marketing, it is time to “Attract” new customers!

The first step here is to identify who your customers are.

Obviously, they are from Reno–But what are their other demographics?

Once you have identified the ages and interests of your target audience, think about their behaviors.

When your target audience is thinking about buying something, what do they do?

Likely, they have a heightened awareness about a need they are trying to meet, or maybe they are directly searching for a solution to a problem they are trying to solve.

If you can tie their need to your product on social media or provide answers to the questions they are asking on Google, you will attract these prospective customers to your business!

Social Media

It is probable that you already know the power of social media for reaching large numbers of target customers, but just in case, here is a statistic to confirm your suspicions:

In the United States alone, Facebook has 214 million users, that’s almost 66% of the population!

If you want to reach the people of Reno, social media is the way to go.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to target people by location (such as Reno!), demographics, the groups they follow, their interests, and more.

With targeting, eye-catching imagery, and engaging content, you can capture the attention of the people who could use your product or service the most.

If you do not have social media as a part of your digital marketing strategy, set up business accounts with the platforms that your target audiences use the most and get publishing!

Google Advertising

To reach the people who are searching on Google, you have to get on Google.

Google ads sit at the very top of the results page for the specific keywords and searches you choose to target.

You can also set location targets, such as Reno.

Google advertising that performs best (gets the most clicks) has strong titles and content.

If you are not already using Google advertising to attract new business in Reno, now is the time!


Whereas Google ads are paid and sit at the top of the results page, blogs are organic (unpaid) and sit just below, in the content section.

You might think, “If blogs are not on the top of the results page, why blog?”

The reason is twofold.

For one, not everyone trusts Google ads (clicks on them).

For two, blogs can go much further for pulling in customers who research their options.

With blogs, you can answer specific, long-form questions in a thorough way that creates trust and brand preference in potential customers.

We use a tool called Answer the Public to help us know what people are asking online.

For example, when you search “digital marketing,” you get a plethora of questions people are searching, such as “What does digital marketing do?” and, “What is digital marketing all about?”

If you use this tool, soon enough, you will have a list of blog topics to write on.

If you blog consistently (2-3 times per week at 1,600-2,000 words if possible) and learn how to target your blogging well (location: Reno), it will substantially increase your website traffic and the number of leads you have coming in online.

If you are just getting started with your blog, 1-2 blogs per month at 400-600 words each can also work with strategic targeting.

3. Digital Marketing That Engages

Once you have attracted Reno customers, you want to get them coming back for more.

Certain forms of content are more naturally engaging than others.

We often use the following digital marketing tools to engage target audiences.

Video Marketing

The most easily digestible form of media, video is a quick way to earn engagement!

Create short (30-60 second) video productions with your team that are relevant to Reno customers, perhaps presenting the benefits of your product or service or answering questions in a fun or silly way.

These videos should be published on your social media.

Social Media Quizzes

Social media quizzes have become a popular way to produce engagement online.

You have probably participated in one yourself without knowing it!

When was the last time you answered questions to find out something like, “Which Parks and Recreation character are you?”

Develop a quiz that is relevant to Reno residents and publish it to your social media.

Take free reign to be (appropriately) fun and silly with your quiz!

The goal of the quiz is to collect leads, names and email addresses.

Also include a “call to action” at the end of your quiz to relate the content to your product or service and encourage people to reach out to your business!

4. Convert Using Lead Generation

Do not wait long after your customers are attracted and engaged to “Convert.”

There is a small window where customers are ready to commit something to their newfound interest in your business.

Make it as easy as possible for them to give you their information, asking for an email address.

Always, always, always provide something valuable in exchange.

You can use a few, key digital marketing tools to generate leads for your business.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are specific pages on your website that you design with customer conversion in mind!

In general, a landing page provides a brief description of the offer you are making, requests contact information, and provides something valuable in return for that information.

Point customers to your landing page from your social media or Google advertising, then offer them something like an eBook or a free consultation (see below).


Seeing the word “book” probably overwhelms you just a little bit.

“Do I really need to write a book to generate leads for my business,” you may be asking.

An eBook is actually very easy to make if you have been blogging diligently.

Gather all of the blogs you have written–the questions you have answered for Reno customers–and compile them into and organized PDF with a table of contents.

Viola! You have a valuable eBook that you can give to customers in exchange for their contact information.

Other Forms of Lead Generation

Your website is where you should be pointing your target audience to capture leads.

You can set up multiple places on your website that capture contact information besides your landing page.

Most websites have an intuitive contact form in their menu.

You can also add a chatbot to your website that follows customers across the pages, asking for the same information as the contact form before they commence a chat session.

Additionally, you can add a form for customers to sign-up for a free subscription to your newsletter or email updates.

5. Close New Reno Customers!

In the last stage of the buying cycle–“Close”–customers make the decision to purchase your product or service.

Make this as easy for them as possible.

One of our favorite tools for this is the free consultation.

Free Consultations

Free consultations are non-commital.

They allow the customer to dip his or her toes in the water before taking the dive to start business with you.

This might sound like it benefits them more than you, but there is nothing farther from the truth!

Once customers have put their foot in the door, they have made a step toward commitment that creates preference toward your business in their mind.

On your website, create a form for customers to register for free consultations and experience the benefits for yourself!

We hope you feel confident taking your target audience through the buying cycle now that you have all of the digital marketing tools to Attract, Engage, Convert, and Close!

If you would like to hire a local digital marketing agency to help you navigate the competitive waters of Reno, we would be happy to talk with you.

Our team enjoys the opportunity to partner with local businesses and help them achieve their goals for growth.

You can schedule a free consultation with President Adrienne Wilkerson, here.


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