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5 Tips to Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top three social media networking channels in the world and is a dynamo when it comes to personal, professional marketing and networking. Here at a few tips to help you stay on top of your LinkedIn game.

Introduce Yourself

Your profile picture should never be taken for granted or overlooked. LinkedIn is a professional networking channel, and the first impression you give is hugely important. Make sure you use a photo that is consistent with the job or position you want to have and is professional. I highly recommend you leverage a picture that represents you well, not just a quality photo but one that fits your personality. If your industry leans toward business casual and your comfortable style is upbeat and lively, then choose an image accordingly. In the same vein, if you work in a profession where formal suits are expected then your headshot should be consistent with those expectations.

Complete the First Impression

The background image is real estate often left undeveloped. It has great opportunities to communicate additional information about who you are and what you do. This could be a custom photo with your company’s branding, or simply an image that is consistent with how you want others to see you. This area is an excellent way to announce your personal branding that should be guiding how you present yourself on social media.

Enhance Your Profile

LinkedIn will tell you how far you have you might still have to go until your profile is complete. It is well worth investing the time to fill out each and every section. A completely filled out profile demonstrates you care enough to put your best foot as far forward as possible. Take advantage of the images LinkedIn encourages you to put into the Summary and Experiences sections of your profile. We are a visual society and pictures of projects, awards, and other items will grab people’s attention.

Build Your Network

It might seem obvious, but LinkedIn is all about professional networking. Many get themselves set up and then forget to go back and continue to build relationships. If you are wondering where to start, leverage your connections from past jobs and education. As you build your network, LinkedIn will begin to provide suggestions. These ideas are great ways to expand your reach however I highly encourage you to be selective. One thing many people look at is who you are associated with so make sure you research their profiles before connecting.

Participate Consistently

Persistence in regular posting and engagement are always going to be best practice with any social media channel, and LinkedIn is no exception. You have three primary methods of interacting with their peers.

  1. The newsfeed is the primary one most people see. Posting there a few times a week, ideally once a day is a great place to start. Additionally, on the newsfeed, you will have to opportunity to reply to other’s posts and engage with other LinkedIn members.
  2. Next, you can now publish blogs and articles like this one, right in LinkedIn. It is a great feature and can go a long way toward setting you up as an expert in your field. Wright and publish blogs on topics relevant to your industry and your career of choice.
  3. Finally participating in groups is a powerful way to discover new colleagues and engage in relationship-building conversation. Pick your groups based on your interests, your professional skills, and where you want to go with your career or business. You can post articles in these groups, respond to other’s questions and post queries of your own. Your can even start your own group!

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