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Jasmin Smith

Jasmin Smith is a woman of many titles and a ton of spirit. A mother of twins, she juggles her career as an entrepreneur/small business owner with volunteer work and parenthood without skipping a beat. It’s small wonder she made the Top Forty Under 40 in 2017!

Jasmin is the founder of The Business Boutique, a small business consulting organization. So far The Business Boutique has helped over 50 small businesses in the Anchorage community reach their potential! Through The Business Boutique, Jasmin helps many low-income women get started with their big ideas. Today, The Business Boutique is well-known as the go-to for consultation, training, and coaching for small businesses in Anchorage.

Jasmin is also the President of the Mountain View Community Council, overseeing meetings, fielding hard questions, and taking action to clean up the neighborhood. Currently, the Council is collaborating with the Anchorage Community Land Trust on the Set Up Shop program, a neighbor-hood-focused small business program. They are currently coaching 12 Anchorage entrepreneurs!

Jasmin is inspired by her family and her ancestors, what they went through and the obstacles they faced to reach their potential. Her greatest desire is to make things better for her kids, and to act as an example to them as she works hard to achieve this goal. Her mission? To create a safe community with unlimited opportunities and to see as many diversely-owned, successful small businesses as possible in the Anchorage area.

“Be yourself, unapologetically,” Jasmin says, “If you want to do something, go for it, don’t let anyone tell you to stop. You can be your own greatest critic.”