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Saved an Estimated $50,000

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Alaska

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The Client:

Each year, the top companies in Alaska are ranked according to gross revenue in what Alaska Business Monthly calls the “Top 49ers.” Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Alaska ranked #9 in 2017, testimony to the incredible social and economic impact this Alaska Native Corporation makes on its over 2,900 Iñupiat shareholders and their descendants. UIC Alaska is headquartered in Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost point in America.

Their Challenge:

The UIC Alaska family of companies is large, nine companies in total, each with their own separate website. Unfortunately, it was not an easy process for UIC staff to make edits to any one of them. For every edit UIC requested through their website hosting and management company, they were charged large fees and made to wait three days before the changes they requested were reflected online. This became extremely expensive and inconvenient. Furthermore, it was not easy for UIC shareholders and other users to navigate the information on their sites. Lack of accessibility and poor user experience highlighted a need for reconstruction across the entire family of websites.

Their Solution:

We developed a custom-built WordPress website using a plugin called “Multisite” which allows all of UIC Alaska’s sites to be hosted in one, easily-accessible location. With Multisite, UIC staff can make direct edits to any one of their websites through the easy and intuitive WordPress platform in real time. In addition, the custom build we created for UIC allows them to expand their web presence with ease as the company grows, simply launching another site using the same template. The new UIC Alaska site is user-friendly and professional and has already received raving reviews from shareholders and staff.

Our Results:

UIC Alaska has saved estimated tens of thousands of dollars and is projected to save more as we continue to launch sites for their family of companies. UIC staff are pleased with their new-found ability to edit the website without going through a third party. Shareholders are able to locate the information they need within just a few clicks of the mouse.

Final Thoughts:

“Working with Beacon M&M has been a delight! Jennifer and her folks are top-notch, professionals that strive to solve problems, create brilliant solutions and have fun doing it.”

Greg Solomon, Director of Marketing and Graphic Design
Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Alaska

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Alaska
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