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Increased New Accounts by 61.4%

True North Credit Union Zoya Campaign

Category: Awards, Inbound
Industry: Government
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The objective of the radio campaign was to solidify the “aspirational Alaskan story” of the entire campaign and to highlight Zoya’s personal story and how that tied in and connected with the targeted audience’s story. The Beacon Creative and Content team developed multiple scripts and content to move into production.

bus ad for True North Federal Credit Union designed by Beacon Media + Marketing


The Beacon team developed the content and chose the music as well as oversaw the production of the commercial. The Beacon team practiced different scripts with Zoya to find the perfect voice and message that tied the campaign together. 

Banking Radio Advertisement

Real Estate Radio Advertisement


The radio campaign ran over the course of 4 months across 6 different stations that we’re targeted to our demographic. Truth North Federal Credit Union has shared that the results from the radio campaign have been overwhelmingly successful in attracting new brand awareness and new memberships as well. It clearly contributed to the 61.4% increase in new account growth.

AMA Pinnacle Merit Award for Radio Advertising AMA Alaska 2016 Pinnacle Awards - Winner of Merit Award for Small Business Campaign in Alaska 2016

Beacon Media + Marketing Content creator posing next to true north ad he worked on

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