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About Terra Bella

Terra Bella is a locally-owned café and coffee cart that specializes in organic and free-trade products, as well as gluten- and dairy-free foods. Brunch, lunch, specialty teas and coffees, baked goods and small gifts are all on offer.


Terra Bella’s main challenge was to change its passive image and lack of marketing strategy. They received some bad press about high prices and an inconsistent menu, but had not communicated that their food is organic and local and thus more expensive and seasonally available. BEACON’s goal was to increase Terra Bella’s web presence, especially on Facebook, in order to communicate the café’s changing menu, highlight its specialties and clearly communicate their vision and identity as a business.


BEACON created a new timeline cover and profile photo that is in line with the company logo. We established a Facebook strategy that includes specials and highlights community members, and suggested edits to Terra Bella’s current website. We then initiated a Facebook contest with the goal of increasing likes and engaging customers. We solicited the donation of a whale-watching tour from Major Marine Tours as well as one night’s stay at Seward Beach House.


The contest ran for one week and garnered over 250 new likes (a 32% increase) as well as a weekly reach of 18,000, up from 2000. Engagement on the page continues to be strong, and new event promotions, conversations and client interaction is continuing to move in a positive direction. Best, the client reports an increase of new clients and traffic at the physical locations.


“Terra Bella, inc. is a small, locally owned company and we have done all of our marketing in-house. When I approached Jennifer Christiansen at Beacon Media and Marketing about helping me with our Facebook presence I wasn’t quite sure what more she could do to help us, but after speaking with her I was sure this would be a perfect fit.

Everyone at Beacon Media and Marketing has been easy to work with….you know the feeling when talking to someone that you don’t have to explain every detail because they “get it”, that is what it is like working with BMM.

It has been about a month now and our likes have increased more than double, we have had much more interaction with our customers, which is very important to us, and the feeling of being supported by another locally owned business has been amazing. It is a relief to know someone is as committed and passionate about getting the word out about who we are, as we are. It is important to us at Terra Bella that whoever is telling our story is telling it truthfully and with the same commitment as we do.

Business has increased noticeably in one month, and I am extremely happy with the results!”

-Linda Vollersten, owner, Terra Bella Organic Coffee & Bakery
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