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South Anchorage Dental Center

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The Client’s Challenge:

South Anchorage Dental Center is the most convenient dental center in Anchorage due to its extended hours and emergency services. They can also accommodate full families and take care of urgent, non-emergency treatments such as extractions, fillings, and crowns in one day. Dentist Dr. Broc reached out to us because he wanted to bring in as much business as possible.

Our Solution:

We ran two Facebook promotions with strong offers and added a chatbox to the South Anchorage Dental Center website to make scheduling an appointment as quick and easy as possible.

The first promotion ran from August-September 2019 and offered “Free IV Sedation,” a $2,000 value. We ran two ads in the Anchorage area, one targeting adults, and one targeting parents and grandparents to take advantage of the offer for their kids. Both ads made the incredible value of the offer clear and directed interested parties to schedule their appointment through the chatbox on the website.

South Anchorage Dental Center

The second promotion started in September and advertised a Dental Savings Plan for patients without insurance, with savings like 20% off all treatments and $1,000 off Invisalign. The plan gave the exact price of all South Anchorage Dental Center procedures compared to the discounted price patients receive when they sign up for the plan to make it as clear as possible. We ran two ads targeting the Anchorage area with the message, “No Insurance? No Problem!” The ads used photos and videos of real South Anchorage Dental Center staff to reinforce the credibility of the promotion and to piggy-back off of the Center’s positive reputation in the community.

South Anchorage Dental Center

The Amazing Results:

The first promotion received 323 chat leads (156 for adult patients and 167 for kids) and as of November 4th, the second promotion had received 139 chat leads for a total of 462 chat leads received over about three months.

The value of the treatments for which someone could be receiving free IV sedation ranged from over $20 to over $2,000, which averages at about $1,000 income for each lead that converted by scheduling an appointment. The average cost per link click (CPC) was about $0.60, which is $0.72 less than the national average of $1.32.

As of November 4th, the Dental Savings Plan ads received incredible engagement at combined totals of 39K views, 120 likes, 18 comments, and 30 shares. The average cost per link click (CPC) was about $0.92, which is $0.40 less than the national average of $1.32.

We are very happy with the results!

South Anchorage Dental Center
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