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Pacific Naturopathic

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The Client’s Challenge

Pacific Naturopathic is a holistic medicine practice located on the San Francisco Peninsula in California. The team has been integrating conventional medicine with evidence-based natural medicine since 1993, offering a unique and transformational patient experience that achieves amazing results. From the moment patients walk in the door, they become part of Pacific Naturopathic’s extended family.

However, their website was old and very difficult to navigate. Lots of content had been added over the years, including new pages, new paragraphs, new blogs, new links, and much more. Along the way, the user experience became confusing and chaotic, which meant it no longer represented the feeling Pacific Naturopathic provides all its patients. It needed a new website that felt informative and calming.

Our Solution

Pacific Naturopathic New Website

We sat down with the Pacific Naturopathic team and asked them about their business. We wanted to know about their goals, their practices, their philosophy, their clients, and the feeling they create when someone walks in through the door of their office. We think of websites as a digital storefront, so we take the time to understand each client’s business in order to make the right impression.

We used calming blues, natural textures, concise copy, and scenic Californian elements to represent Pacific Naturopathic in a visual way. The beautiful new design prioritizes user experience. It still provides a lot of content, but it’s set out in an easily-consumable way that helps prospective clients quickly find the information they need. We also added new features, like contact forms, to ease this process.

The Amazing Results

Here’s a testimonial from Marcel Hernandez, who is one of the co-founders:

“I am a naturopathic physician and needed a new website, as our 15-year-old site no longer represented us. I interviewed a number of website developers before settling on Beacon Media. One of the best professional business decisions I have ever made. These folks are top-notch. Informative, responsive, professional, artistic, creative, non-egoic and sensitive. We worked through glitches cooperatively with a sense of joy.

“They listened to my presentation on the feeling I wanted the site to have and they brought it into being. That ability is a rare talent as most other developers I spoke with have their preconceptions and their pet ideas and simply do not listen well. I don’t know how much more appreciation I can express. If you are reading this because you need services like those that Beacon Media and Marketing offer, you will be absolutely delighted with their work and their communication skills. Thank you, Michelle and Jennifer. Well done!”

He also gave us a five-star rating. It doesn’t get better than that!

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Pacific Naturopathic new website
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