Outstanding Conversion Rates for Moore Heating!

Over 180 Leads in One Month

Outstanding Conversion Rates for Moore Heating!

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The Client

Moore Heating is an HVAC company that has been serving Alaska for over 30 years. Their services include everything from installation to maintenance to repair of a wide variety of commercial and residential heating and cooling products. The company excels at customer service. We have been working with Moore for a number of years and we absolutely love them!

Their Challenge

Moore was looking to compete in a highly saturated market. They hired us to bring in leads that boost their business using Facebook, Google advertising, and blogging for SEO. Although we strongly believe in the power of digital marketing, this was a tall order for an HVAC company in the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley markets.

Our Solution

On the Facebook side, we focused our content and advertising on Moore’s primary services, using straight-forward calls to action for homeowners in the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley areas. We used engaging imagery and content that made sense to people quickly and easily. Our blogs homed-in on topics that Alaskans cared about, providing educational value to Moore’s followers.

We ran several Google advertisements for each of Moore’s primary services, including heating, boilers, furnaces, hot water heating, and air conditioning. Our ads used top-ranked keywords and catchy headlines to draw in traffic, such as “Alaska Grade Heating Expertise.” The descriptions we wrote for our ads were short and to-the-point.

The Results

For many years we have been marketing Moore with success, but last month blew all previous results out of the water. In January, we delivered 183 leads (that’s over five leads a day!) to Moore through Facebook and Google advertisements. The leads were sent to contact forms as well as the business phone line.

Final Thoughts

“I think overall we’ve hit that golden age of the account; they’ve been around long enough to where they have the brand recognition and trust that extends beyond just commercials/ads; they’re well known for doing a great job and the efforts in marketing that we’re putting in are only making it that much better.”

– Sarah Testen, Social Media Manager

Outstanding Conversion Rates for Moore Heating!
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