OpShop's Fun & Lighthearted Branding Package

Branded a Financial Planning App

OpShop’s Fun & Lighthearted Branding Package

Category: Design
Industry: Business 2 Consumer
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The Client’s Challenge:

Anchorage Realtor July Leslie wanted to launch an app called “OpShop” that helped consumers curb frivolous shopping and save for retirement. She needed a brand that creatively conveyed these concepts to her target audience, namely, women in their 30s and 40s. The logo, icons, colors, and fonts needed to be versatile enough to brand the various aspects of a smartphone app without losing their punch.

Our Solution:

We started with the concept of saving money, and immediately arrived at the piggy bank. Whereas most illustrations represent the piggy bank from the side, we decided to show her face on to grab attention. For the app icon, we placed the piggy bank in white over a playful, turquoise and light green gradient to represent the fun of using technology to save money. We created ten icons to represent ten of the most popular areas of spending for our target audience, such as coffee, clothing, makeup, travel, and dining.

To take the brand above and beyond, we made the piggy bank OpShop’s mascot, “Penny the Pig,” and purchased a little piggy stuffed animal that we donned in a green t-shirt to keep her in brand.

The brand was implemented on a variety of fronts. Not only is the app fully-branded with the logo, colors, and fonts of OpShop, but Penny followed July to all of her speaking events and presentations to promote the app. We created OpShop branded PowerPoint templates, business cards, and an email signature for July to use at these events. Our social media strategy for OpShop stayed on brand and pulled in Penny as a light-hearted financial educator and encourager.


The Amazing Results:

The OpShop app quickly gained traction online and at events. Penny the Pig especially received a very positive response. The light-hearted nature of the brand made saving for retirement approachable. Using a fun and silly mascot, we were able to talk about mindfulness over financial matters in an encouraging way, not one that made people feel worse about their purchase decisions. We were able to market to the lifestyle of OpShop’s target audience creatively and effectively. One quiz ad we ran on social media achieved 18,980 impressions, a reach of 12,307, and 1,415 clicks on a budget of $350. The cost per click (CPC) was $0.26, which is 93.1% less than the national average of $3.77 for the finance and insurance industry. The click through rate (CTR) was 6.79%, which is 91.8% higher than the national average of 0.56% for the finance and insurance industry.

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