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The Client:

Neeser Construction, Incorporated is one of the largest general contractors in the state of Alaska. Using a combination of real estate development skills and design-build construction expertise, their unique and highly vertical business model allows them to target, acquire, and develop land all under the same roof.

Their Challenge:

Neeser’s website didn’t properly reflect their company’s position within the industry. It lacked functionality and did not meet modern standards in terms of coding and design. Neeser also had a very prolific portfolio, which it needed to highlight online. For such a bold company, Neeser’s website needed to match the suit.

The Solution:

Using the client’s current branding assets, we used our own building skills to create a design that complimented the strong orange tones of the Neeser, Inc. logo while using them as an accent for the rest of the aesthetic. We also focused on clearly delivering a huge amount of content within a limited amount of “screen real estate” – per special request, we opted for a non-scrollable home page.

Also, considering its ever-growing portfolio of work, we knew the client needed an efficient, admin-friendly way of creating and managing new content. We made them custom WordPress templates for news items, project highlights, testimonials, and more.

As always, to verify the usability of the site, we employed UX testing.

Neeser Website Screenshot

Our Results:

The client was able to utilize the custom template tools immediately, resulting in a giant efficiency increase. Neeser staff was able to easily add to their website on their own volition, without worrying about the minute details of development and coding. Potential clients are now greeted by an engaging home page and are given a fantastic user experience that highlights Neeser’s capabilities.

Final Thoughts:

“You have exceeded our expectations in your process and results of your work. We recognize that the tasks we requested were of high level and custom coding that is often not used in Alaska. Thank you for employing best practices and top-notch skills in making this exactly what we wanted, and even more. ” 

                                                                                     Rusty Musick, Office Manager
Neeser Construction, Inc.

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