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Mandanas Dental

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The Client:

Owen Mandanas of Mandanas Dental has 17 years worth of dentistry under her belt. From serving the Native Alaska community in Nome and traveling to remote villages in the Norton Sound area, to owning her own practice in Anchorage, she has helped patients with a variety of health issues. Throughout her years of practice, Dr. Mandanas focused mainly on proper breathing and treating sleep apnea. She began to see a correlation between how the mouth affects one’s entire health and well-being. This focus on whole-body health in dentistry is often referred to as “integrative” or “holistic dentistry.”

The Challenge:

Setting herself apart from other Anchorage dentists was a task Dr. Mandanas was willing to take on internally, but she had some trepidation when it came to advertising her more holistic approach. Reaching the appropriate audience was crucial, and she knew that the online face of her business -her website- needed changes in order to allow people with similar desires for their health and well-being to find her more efficiently. Previously, her website did not contain the appropriate terminology, imagery, or backlinks to properly convey an integrative or holistic look and feel.

The Solution:

One of the first additions to her website was content answering some of the initial questions people might have about integrative dentistry. Upon viewing the front page the reader is met with the words “Your Integrative Anchorage Dentist” along with a section of text laying out what exactly integrative dentistry is, and Dr. Mandanas’ method of embracing it. Dr. Mandanas wanted to emphasize her focus on breathing and her family-friendly approach, so more natural outdoor-oriented photos were added. With these and other strategic edits, her website became a more accurate representation of her practice and more valuable resource to those seeking out natural alternatives to traditional dentistry. In the first month after making these edits, her organic traffic jumped 133.4%, fostering new leads and a greater brand awareness allowing her to stand out as The Integrative Dentist of choice for Anchorage.

Mandanas Dental
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