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Live Breathe Alaska

Category: Design, Inbound
Industry: Health & Wellness
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Live Breathe Alaska was created to be a health and wellness resource specifically catered to Alaskans. Difficult environmental challenges like long winters and availability of fresh fruits and vegetables are just a couple of subjects that Live Breathe Alaska addresses. In order for Alaskans to have brand recognition of Live Breathe Alaska, a trustworthy and polished image was needed to embellish their social media presence.


We created social media posts that addressed the questions every Alaskan has but has never been able to answer without a strenuous Google search. Actual Alaskan imagery like fireweed, mountains, local dishes, and common activities was used for each post. By using bright and colorful imagery and directly answering a question we were able to garner not only engagement but also the trust of the community.

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