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LifeMed Alaska

Received over 400 Nominations

The Client’s Challenge:

LifeMed Alaska, an emergency air medical transport company, came to us shortly after opening their base in Juneau, Alaska. They wanted a campaign that both raised awareness for their membership and established a presence in Petersburg, one of the communities they are now able to serve from Juneau. Their goal was to receive just one emergency call from the Petersburg community. With just $30,000 available for radio, newspaper, press release, cross-promotion, and social media, we launched a contest celebrating first responders called “Heroes of the Last Frontier.”

Our Solution:

We knew that the only way to get the kind of exposure LifeMed wanted on budget was to find something relevant to their brand that the target audience was already interested in. Since LifeMed employees are first responders and everyone loves to celebrate the firefighters, law enforcement, EMTs, and other medical personnel of Alaska, we decided to focus on these individuals. We established the hashtag, #AKHero and welcomed nominations for Alaska first responders to win between $1,250-$2,000 in prizes, including a lunch for their team with the LifeMed crew. Prizes were available for first responders across Alaska, with one prize guaranteed for a first responder from Petersburg.

First, we announced the start of service to Petersburg as well as the contest via press release and ran a newspaper ad in the Petersburg Pilot. We also ran radio ads targeting Petersburg through KSKA. Then, we invited social media followers to share the story of their #AKHero online, whether that be a family member or a friend. In addition to general awareness content, we reshared these photos and stories to LifeMed’s social media to amplify their voice. We ran several different Facebook ads for the campaign, each with imagery for a different target (firefighters, law enforcement, Petersburg, etc.). Our ads used a branded Heroes of the Last Frontier badge we had created for the campaign. After this gained traction, we ran the stories of two LifeMed employees over the course of the campaign in a cross-promotion partnership with The Alaska Life, sharing these to their blog and social media, further amplifying the voice of our campaign to hundreds of thousands of followers interested in Alaska life, people, and stories. Once the contest was complete and we had selected winners, we ran a pre-scheduled video of LifeMed staff drawing names on social media, and announced the winners in a second press release. We interviewed the winners and shared their photos in separate highlights on social media as well.

LifeMed AlaskaLifeMed AlaskaLifeMed Alaska

The Amazing Results:

The human interest appeal of sharing the stories of Alaskan first responders as well as LifeMed staff went over very well. Top social media posts achieved over 1,000 post reactions each. Everyone we spoke with knew about the campaign and loved it. Through Facebook and Instagram advertising alone, we were able to achieve 449,786 impressions and a reach of 77,704 on a budget of about $2,750. At almost 2,000 link clicks, our average cost per click was $1.37, which is about 20% less than the national average of $1.72. Our click through rate was 0.44%. The press releases we ran received 2,349 and 2,802 hits respectively. Over 400 first responders were nominated including 36 from Petersburg. Instead of one, LifeMed received three emergency calls from Petersburg in one month, pulling new business from their competitor. The campaign performed so well that LifeMed reported to us they had received many job applications in the months that followed!