Beacon Media + Marketing was awarded Best Logo, Best Marketing Campaign, and Best Website in the AMA Alaska Chapter Prism Awards!

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge

Generated 227 Qualified Leads

The Client’s Challenge

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge offers all-inclusive Alaskan fishing and deer-hunting adventures on beautiful Kodiak Island. Its guests enjoy some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the world around Old Harbor, which has origins from the era of Russian conquest.

However, there are many other lodges around Alaska – including a few on Kodiak – which makes the local tourism market very competitive. Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge was getting a lot of last-minute bookings, which was not ideal as a seasonal tour operator, so it needed a marketing strategy that would increase the booking curve and help them get as far ahead of the competition as possible.

Our Solution

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge first approached Beacon Media + Marketing in 2019, looking for a website redesign. In 2020, we focused our efforts on building a really efficient sales funnel, which set the foundation for the success of this marketing campaign.

Consultation and training were key parts of this process. We educated our client about purpose and function of a strong sales funnel. We build a dedicated landing page through HubSpot, which helps qualify leads, and we set up automatic email replies. This lets prospective customers know the client has received their inquiry, and includes additional information such as the upcoming season’s fishing dates, prices, resources (including a link to the client’s blog) and a promotional video. Every lead is followed-up personally within 24-hours.

Once the sales funnel was up and running, we began the marketing piece.

This included a combination of paid Google search and paid Google display to drive traffic to the website.

Organic Facebook posts complete the picture, providing a very effective way to generate qualified leads. Once published, they are boosted and highly-targeted to ensure every ad reaches the right audience.

Below are two examples, published in February and March 2020, respectively. These Facebook posts resulted in 390 landing page views, with 51 checkouts initiated (in this case, a “checkout” occurs when someone triggers the “Book Now” button on the website).

Kodiak Sportsman's Lodge

Kodiak Sportsman's Lodge

The Amazing Results

The use of targeted Google search and Google display advertising, combined with organic Facebook posts, has increased daily visits to the client’s website by 179%. The sales funnel we created generated 227 qualified leads.

Making sure a functional sales funnel was in place from the get-go was the key to this campaign’s success. It follows a clear process, it’s very clean and user-friendly, and it’s straightforward for the client to use. We made sure the client had everything it needed to succeed and we are committed to providing ongoing support.

The results speak for themselves!