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Juneau Youth Services

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The Client: 

Located in Southeast Alaska, Juneau Youth Services (JYS) offers comprehensive mental and behavioral health services to Alaskan youth aged 12-21, as well as their families. Their services list ranged from outpatient family therapy to residential rehabilitation facilities. They even provide an emergency shelter for at-risk/homeless kids and transitional living apartments for unprepared adolescents on the verge of adulthood.

Their Challenge:

Despite being in operation since 1961, JYS was dealing with a lack of cohesive company identity. After providing so many different services over the years, the efforts under the overall brand appeared dated, disjointed, and disparate. This had affected staff culture and public perception. This situation was compounded by a website lacking in responsiveness, navigability, and engagement.

The Solution:

A branding overhaul, extensive website redesign, and a comprehensive inbound strategy implementation were the key components of JYS’ success.

We crafted the logo to demand attention immediately while referencing specific imagery that communicated the JYS philosophy. The final product turned out clean, modern, and visually arresting.

In redesigning the website, we paid close attention to what users would need right away. As a result, the home page included curated yet relevant content delivered in an engaging, approachable aesthetic. This allowed for an ideal user experience, verified by exhaustive testing.

Screenshot of the JYS Website

Our inbound strategy accomplished the objective of attaining higher brand engagement. We utilized platforms that not only allowed for messaging but measuring success. The platforms included Facebook, Google AdWords, and CallRail.

Our Results:

  • 62% increase in web traffic (1st week of site launch)
  • 39% decrease in bounce rate
  • 85% increase in new visitor traffic

Final Thoughts:

“Oh…my….goodness!!!!  All I can say is you nailed it!!!  Our message is clear, the message is welcoming and hopeful, and it’s very personal and without doubt, professional!!!  Wow!!!  You’ve certainly outdone yourself with this project, gang!!  I cannot thank you enough!!  You’ve set the stage for something wonderful to happen!!!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!”

Bradley Grigg, MA, Chief Executive Officer
Juneau Youth Services

Juneau Youth Services
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