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Excellence in Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic

Increased Reach by 460%

The Client:

Excellence in Health Chiropractic Clinic proudly serves Anchorage with the highest quality care available. With their emphasis on whole body health, Excellence in Health encourages education and promotes a deeper understanding of living a healthier lifestyle. Excellence in Health boasts a highly qualified team of specialists whose practices range from chiropractic care, nutritional therapy, physiotherapy, and rehabilitative therapeutic massage. Having these specialists in one facility is greatly beneficial to the patient and helps them focus on their long-term health goals.

Their Challenge:

While Excellence in Health had a substantial following prior to beginning their marketing efforts, there was a lack of personalization on their social media accounts. This absence of personalization coupled with the omission of some of the great features that Excellence offers, only allowed the audience to know them on a surface level. Unlike most other chiropractic facilities, Excellence in Heath offers extended hours both in the morning and evening. While these hours should have been popular among their audience consisting of moms, veterans, and others who would find these hours convenient, the staff noticed a lack of bookings during those times.

Their Solution:

In order to really emphasize Excellence’s fantastic care, convenient hours, and dedicated staff, we approached each aspect separately and thoroughly with their Facebook content. Beginning with a personalized journey of Dr. Blue Ross D.C. M.S. and his family we were able to engage the audience and show them a lighthearted humanized side of their business. Utilizing this as our first introduction to the people of Excellence in Health, we were able to bridge the gap between who Excellence is as a company and the fantastic staff that make up the team. Once we were able to introduce the people of Excellence, our next approach was to address the lack of bookings during their extended hours. We created several audiences populated with people that would find those hours the most convenient for their schedule. Ads were then shown only during the correlating times, allowing people to see the availability of care that fits ideally in their selected time frame. Each element of education, personalization, and overall emphasis of Excellence in Health’s differentiators brought new life into the business and flourished an engaged social media audience. Before we started marketing for Excellence, they were reaching around 300-500 people with each ad that they ran. Their current reach is around 2,800-3,000 people per ad, which is an increase of about 460%!