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Denali Air Flightseeing Tours

Increased Revenue by 15.8K

The Client:

With over 40 years of experience, Denali Air Flightseeing Tours offers their customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly by North America’s tallest peak, Mt. Denali. With various flights to choose from, customers are treated to an optimal bird’s-eye view of the beauty Alaska has to offer. All flights depart from Denali Air’s private airstrip, located minutes south of the road entrance to Denali National Park. Denali Air takes great pride in the pilots they employ–each one is a veteran of Alaskan wilderness flying, with many years and tens of thousands of hours of flight experience. All of these factors come together to create a unique and memorable experience for Denali Air’s customers.

The Challenge:

Though Denali Air has been in operation since 1970 and was the first flightseeing company in Denali National Park, they did not see consistency with their bookings. Because tours of Denali are in higher demand during the summer than in the winter, Denali Air books their flights from May through September exclusively. In order to combat the lull in traffic, members of the Denali Air Flightseeing team created and maintained a Google AdWords campaign. Through this campaign, bookings began to increase. However, the time and management necessary to maintain the campaign were not ideal for the members of the Denali Air team, and they knew that they needed assistance. That’s where we came in! We were able to take over the management of Denali Air’s Google Adwords campaign, reallocating the budget to include Facebook advertising, all without going over the original cost of the campaign.

The Solution:

We knew that Denali Air had an incredibly positive reputation and an amazing product to offer. Their presence online needed to be robust and have the ability to reach the proper audience not only in Alaska, but also in the entire United States. With each ad we created on Facebook, we made sure to form a split test: A singular ad shown to two separate audiences. This not only allowed for name familiarity in Alaska, but also generated interest for those in the Lower 48 that planned on traveling to Alaska. In order to track the success of these ads, we also placed a Facebook Pixel on their booking page. With each booking we were able to see a revenue stream generated directly from the Facebook Ads. These ads combined with a Google AdWords campaign resulted in a $15.8K influx of bookings over a 3 month period with a total ad spend budget of $900 per month.