Beacon Media + Marketing was awarded Best Logo, Best Marketing Campaign, and Best Website in the AMA Alaska Chapter Prism Awards!


Increased Enrollment by 35%

The client:

Cyberlynx approached Beacon Media + Marketing to provide an online marketing campaign that would drive new engagement, interest and lead generation for their Homeschool program in Alaska. Facing more competition and lack of clear messaging on their materials, Cyberlyx was in losing enrollment. Beacon developed a comprehensive multi-faceted campaign using Facebook and Instagram.

The strategy:

The objective of this campaign was to differentiate what Cyberlynx offered versus the competition and develop and implement a campaign that increased enrollment by at least 7% for the 2017/2018 school year.

We formulated an education based strategy by starting our campaign research of Cyberlynx and how they compared to other school options in Alaska. By looking in depth at the core stakeholders and historical data on the most successful students, we were able to separate the ideal Cyberlynx students into three main categories

1. Parents wanting the freedom to teach their children using religious materials

2. Parents/Students that were struggling with regular school structure and learned better online.

3. Parents/Students that we’re advanced in their education and wanted to progress at a faster pace. (We created two subcategories within these groups for a total of 5 target markets)   

The implementation:                                                                       

Once we clearly developed and understood the three distinct target markets, we implemented Facebook content to help build and share the culture specifically tagged to #Lynxlife. In addition, we created 5 separate ad campaigns through Facebook and Instagram that specifically targeted each separate category we identified as the three target markets. We continued to monitor and adjust each campaign, ultimately moving more budget to the campaigns that we’re performing best. We retargeted our social media campaigns on Google as well to reach the highest level of saturation and market penetration for our budget.

The results:                                                               

We exceeded our goal with Cyberlynx by reversing their trend and achieving a 35% increase in enrollment this year and that number is continuing to climb. (Final enrollment ends October 1st)  Because of the significant increase in enrollment statewide, Cyberlynx has more budget to now create some of the core changes needed on the website and branding that we believe will further increase their enrollment numbers in the future.

In addition to achieving the 35% increase in enrollment this year, we were also able to impact the culture of the Homeschool organization. Many parents and students commented and engaged with our #LynxLife campaign and asked to be featured on the Facebook page as well as shared their own stories on their personal page.