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CyberLynx Homeschool & Correspondence Program

Rebranded a Correspondence School

The Client’s Challenge:

CyberLynx Homeschool and Correspondence Program came to us with little more than a photo of a lynx as their logo. They recognized that homeschooling parents were choosing CyberLynx’s competitors over them because they did not have a consistent brand or message. We were tasked with creating a logo that captured Lynx pride, their competitive technology program, and their personalized approach to education. The goal was to create something that would draw in new parents and students.

Our Solution:

We artfully pulled the head of the lynx into our logo design using an illustration that imitates varying sizes of brushstrokes. It is a strong, powerful logomark with a fierce look. The lynx looks directly at the logotype, “CyberLynx” in order to draw the reader’s eye to the school name.

The colors we chose are a balanced mix of warm red and gold to give the feel of personalized education and cooler blues and greys to fit with CyberLynx’s technology program. We also decided that red and gold are strong colors for school pride.

We gave CyberLynx three versions of their logo, one with the name of the homeschool program, the other with the correspondence program, and a third with the full name. The logo was immediately implemented in their social media strategy, in the branding of their new website, on signage, and across all of their internal forms and collateral.

CyberLynx Homeschool & Correspondence Program

The Amazing Results:

CyberLynx parents and students rallied around the new logo, proud to be living what they call the “#LynxLife.” This kind of renewed confidence among their families and in their marketing interested new parents and students. CyberLynx has grown in attendance by over 20% since the launch of their new brand and website, not only in new families but also in new staff to support their growth. The logo was easily executed on all platforms and in all material—the lynx head has a variety of applications, including icons and watermarks.