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Brooklyn Birthing Center

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The Client:

Located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Birthing Center provides the opportunity for their clients to give birth in a home-like environment. They are focused on family-centered care, believing that a baby should remain with the mother and family from the very beginning of their life. With additional services such as lactation support, prenatal care, BRCA testing, and nutritional support BBC maintains the highest quality care for their clients.


Their Challenge:

BBC faced the unique challenge of being located in an area with a very high-density population, but with low traffic to their facility. Though BBC is the longest running private, freestanding birthing facility in the New York City metro area, they did not have enough brand awareness to maintain their ideal volume of clients. In order to give birth at BBC, a potential client would first need to sign up for their orientation. At that point, the staff members at BBC would provide all of the educational support they need. It is a crucial step to get potential clients to sign up for orientation in order to move them into the sales funnel and ultimately give birth at BBC.

The Solution:

The first step in increasing the number of orientation sign-ups was to geo-target the area around their location in the heart of Brooklyn. Because of their more natural and home-like approach, it was important to capture an audience that would identify with their mission and values.  By using more natural and diverse imagery and specifically targeted interests, we were able to increase the number of new births at the facility by 34% and the average orientation class size from 4-6 people to 19-20 people.

Brooklyn Birthing Center
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