Beacon Media + Marketing was awarded Best Logo, Best Marketing Campaign, and Best Website in the AMA Alaska Chapter Prism Awards!

Female photographer takes portrait.

Business Photography

Build Trust & Credibility in Your Community with a Photo Shoot

Every good marketing agency in America will tell its clients to organize a photo shoot. It may seem a little strange at first—after all, you’re in business to help people, not pose like a celebrity. However, up-to-date photos go a long way toward boosting public perception of your business.

Raise Your Public Profile

Photos reinforce your brand, showing customers who you are and what drives you, while creating a fresh and engaging look for your website. Yes, some businesses do use stock photography, but we don’t recommend it. It can be very vague, look very fake, and create unnecessary brand confusion. Original photos are a long-term investment. They showcase your products, highlight your connection to the local community, introduce your team members, and create a sense of openness and honesty. People will be able to see you’re a real person, doing real business, and they’ll trust you.

Illustration of photographer taking a portrait.

Is Photography Really Worth the Investment?

Great visuals build trust when you’re making a first impression.

  • Professional Shoots 
    Our experienced photographer will talk you through every step of the process.
  • Grab Attention
    Create eye-catching and memorable visuals to accompany your messaging.
  • Convenient Scheduling
    We’ll wrap multiple objectives in a single day to maximize value for time.
  • Polished Editing
    Don’t worry about awkward outtakes—we’ll select only the best images.
  • Professional & Sharp
    Bring in the kinds of customers who are looking for long-term relationships.
  • Lead Generating
    Quality photographs are compelling when a customer is deciding whether to proceed.
  • Tell a Story
    Let your customers know who you are, why you do what you do, and how you can help.
  • Two-Way Conversation
    Tell us what you like, give feedback, and make sure you get something you love.
  • Own Your Images
    All the images will be yours to use wherever you like: websites, social media, you name it.

Secrets to Success

People like doing business with people. When they see you, they feel like they know you, and this can be incredibly persuasive when they’re considering your products or services. It creates a sense of transparency and authenticity that is worth every dime.

Any Mountain dancer on Flat Top mountain in Alaska.

Any Mountain


National Reach


Video Views

A full-service campaign, Beacon developed the campaign messaging, designed and developed a beautiful website, implemented a content strategy, connected with the target audience on social media, and ran Google and Facebook Ads to capture attention.

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