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“Working with Beacon M&M has been a delight! Jennifer and her folks are top-notch, professionals that strive to solve problems, create brilliant solutions and have fun doing it.”

Greg Solomon, Director of Marketing and Graphic Design
Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Alaska

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Who We Are & How We Work

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Our Story

Our proven process:

After years of creating powerful websites for our clients, our dynamic team has developed an ideal process for our website services.

I. Web Brief - The Kickoff
Our web process kicks off with a meeting of the minds. We pull together our web department and your point-people to discuss vision, goals, and any specific requests you have for your website's design, content and functionality.

II. Wireframe & Content
We will get to work on your website wireframe and the content gathering/writing process immediately. Once the wireframe is completed, we will send it to your team for an initial review before it goes into development.

III. Development
After you have reviewed your wireframe and had the opportunity to make initial changes, we will put your design into development. Our development team will get to work building your unique website from the ground-up.

IV. Go-Live
When the development of your website is complete, we will send it to you for final review. Once approved, we will go through our pre-live and post-live checklists to ensure your new website makes a flawless debut.

V. Training
After your website has gone live, you will be invited to a training session that covers basic editing abilities so that you have the ability to make changes to your website whenever you need to!

For those who are uncomfortable making web edits, our hosting package includes free edits each month!

Ready to see how our services can grow your business?

The 3 Ingredients of a Powerful Website

1. Design - The Cherry on Top

Website design is the part of our process that everyone loves, but really it is only the cherry on top of a powerful website. Cherries are important, don't get us wrong. For many people, the cherry is the final clincher that convinces them to purchase the sundae. At Beacon, we are passionate about designing impressive websites that take the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience and meld them with creative visual solutions for truly comprehensive layouts. That in mind, a cherry by itself is just...a cherry. A powerful website needs a strong foundation of a seamless development structure and content that is both people-friendly and search engine-crawlable.

2. Development

Think of the development structure of your website as the interworkings of an automobile engine. If one bolt or line were out of place, the car might run poorly or the engine might quit altogether. A powerful website build ensures all of the necessary links, design elements, and pieces of code are in the right place for fast load times, ease of use, and search engine crawlability.

Websites that have a strong development structure attract traffic because search engines rank them first. Why? Imagine you are a search engine company. Your users visit XYZ.com and have a bad experience with broken links. Because of this, they decide to switch to a different search engine for their web browsing. Wouldn't you make sure XYZ.com and other websites like it rank lower in your search engine, perhaps never to be visited again? On the flip side, wouldn't you rank websites without broken links higher, to create better experiences for your users? Search engines account for development structure in their algorithms, ranking websites with clean code and smart link structures higher on the results page.

That said, a powerful website not only has good bones, but great body content!

3. Content - Your Bread & Butter

Great content is not only the bread and butter of your powerful website, but it has "bread" and "butter" components!

  • Bread - Long, relevant content full of keywords that search engines love to boost on the results page.
  • Butter - Content that is also well-written and something that people love to read.

Content can either be dry bread, which attracts search engines but is dull to read, or pure butter, which engages the reader but has no real substance. When your content is both bread and butter, something magical happens! Bread and butter content drives search engine traffic with its substance and creates leads from that traffic with the entertainment it provides. At Beacon, a significant number of our leads come from our blogs. Bread and butter content works!

Each of the three ingredients of a powerful website are equally important. A strong development structure and "bread-style" content may attract traffic, but it is an impressive design, positive user experience, and "butter-style" content that creates leads. Our five-part web process ensures each of these elements are optimized for your unique goals.

Hosting Services

After your new website is live and the excitement begins to fade, you still need someone to be concerned about the design, development, and content components! Design themes require updates, links can become broken and need fixing, and content changes as quickly as you change what you do in your business. For these reasons, we offer a complete hosting and maintenance package to our web customers. Not only do we provide security, backups, and uptime monitoring, but we regularly update your website, and we are on-call to provide one hour of free web edits each month!

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