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Video Production: Digital Marketing’s Best Friend

Make your marketing go viral with our Reno & Anchorage Video Marketing.

Content is king, and video content is one of the most consumable marketing deliverables you can have. Both your leads and loyal clients want to see your brand live, breathe, move, and engage. From YouTube channels to Facebook pages to websites, a video that strongly communicates your brand, who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer will reap huge returns.

Not every video is born equal. We customize the style, feel, and direction to match your video marketing objectives. Want a social media video to help your brand go viral? Need an amazing sizzle reel for your website’s homepage background? We do that. Here’s how:

Phase 1: Needing/Wanting

Every marketing video has a purpose. What kind of results should this video achieve? This is where we learn how you’d like the content to work for you. Does your website need a more compelling reason for potential leads to contact you? Are your Facebook followers dying to see more about you? Let’s find out.

Phase 2: Storming/Scripting

Once we know the purpose, we’ll start making it come to life. First, we collaborate with you to determine a creative premise. Should your video be funny? Informative? A tear-jerker? After the premise is determined, we lay out the filming process: the shots we need, the people we’ll see, the lines they say, the time frame and schedule, etc.

Phase 3: Filming/Production

Time to shine! After the script is approved, our video crew gets the job done. It’s the most fun phase, which is saying something; our whole job is fun! Once filming is complete, it’s back to our video production room for editing and final touches.

Phase 4: Launch/Analysis

It’s ready for the world to see. We effectively implement the video’s launch on the appropriate platform, as determined in Phase 1. But we don’t stop there. Post-launch analysis is a vital part of what makes our process effective. The best part of digital marketing is seeing the numbers behind the efforts. Once we have enough data, we’ll be able to report on the video’s performance. This is especially helpful if you opt for monthly video packages – we’ll know what’s working and what needs to change.

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