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New Website Design Process

New Website Design Process

The creation of a website can be a rather technical process. So there are specific details the web department needs in order to complete it. With this in mind, please review the “How Registrars and Hosts Work” document for a clear understanding of each piece of login information you might need to start the project.

Once a client has accepted our proposal, we kick-off the web process with the following steps:

  1. Schedule a Web Brief with advance notice to all parties who will be participating
  2. Review the client’s current website prior to the web brief and create a list of content questions that are specific to the client, in addition to the web brief questionnaire
  3. Conduct the Web Brief at the scheduled time using the questions and questionnaire, send a follow-up email to the client and all parties affected containing deliverables for all parties involved

The following steps should be taken in conjunction with constant communication with the client regarding deliverables:

  1. Create a design for the website, getting approval from the Creative Director
  2. Send the design to the Developer, and check in on him/her regularly
  3. Write the content deliverables that Beacon is responsible for, this should happen in tandem with development

The web process comes to a close with the following steps:

  1. Receive the completed design from the Developer, give him/her feedback on any changes, and add the content
  3. Receive feedback from the client, and implement their suggested changes

After the client’s suggested changes have been made, the site is ready for the go-live checklist and launch!

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