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Graphic Designer Role Definition

Graphic Designer Role Definition

Primary Responsibilities: The Graphic Designer has primary responsibility for creatively contributing to brainstorming client content strategies, generating content within those strategies and delivering design timely to all printers, project managers and account managers as necessary.

Position is:  Hourly, Non-Exempt, Part-Time or Full Time
Reports to: VP of Operations
Supervises:  N/A
Supports: Art Director, Creative Director, Account Managers

Graphic Designer Accountability:

  1. Generating creative and original design content for Beacon and clients for a variety of mediums including but not limited to the following:
    1. Facebook timelines, Pinterest design covers, landing pages, Twitter backgrounds, infographics etc
    2. Brochures, Rack Cards, Flyers, Media Kits, large format design, etc.
    3. ePublications & White Papers
    4. Brand design and development
    5. Short multimedia including short video presentations
  2. Contributing to the group brainstorming of marketing and branding projects for clients and for Beacon
  3. Doing client photo shoots as needed
  4. Meeting all client deadlines for content delivery
  5. Helping maintain a social media presence for Beacon

The Graphic Designer has the authority to:

  1. Generate design within the framework of established strategies and plans

General Standards

  1. All work will be performed according to company policies and standards, as well as in the vision and spirit of the company’s strategic objective, company story and positioning statement.
  2. All client materials and information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company. The information included in company documents and manuals is proprietary.
  3. All telephone calls, both internal and external, will be returned within one business day and within two hours whenever possible.
  4. Employees will provide staff assistance as requested, with a spirit of helpfulness. This means each employee may be asked from time to time to cover in other areas of accountability and/or departments as a matter of exception, not routine. This may include answering telephones, running appropriate business errands or filing as needed.
  5. Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the vision of the company, innovations and improvements within their department and position that are consistent with the company’s strategic objectives. Innovation is encouraged and will be an ongoing process.
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