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Is Google+ Still Relevant?

Since its creation, Google+ has had difficulty really catching on. Because of this, Google has been focusing on listening to user feedback. You may have noticed recently that Google+ has changed a few things by detaching it from other services it had been connected to previously. The focus is shifting to Collections and Communities, allowing …

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Why Are Hashtags (#) So Popular & How Does It Work?

The # has been labeled many names, including the math sign, pound sign, and hashtag. But what are the origins of its wide use? Originally it was used in IT to highlight a special meaning, C (programming language) for special keywords, and within Internet Relay Chat networks to label groups and topics. Today, the hashtag has become …

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4 Social Media Trends To Get on Board With

Social media is an ever-changing entity that requires a lot of attention to keep up with. According to Statista, 73% of Americans have some sort of social network profile. Though it may be tough to stay on top of, social media is a crucial component to your companies’ success. Mobile Usage: As technologies advance, people …

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How to Utilize the 4 Major Visual Content Platforms

We are becoming more visual every day; you’ve heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and these social media platforms have proven that to be true. According to the 3M-Corporation, individuals process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Slideshare are becoming increasingly more popular …

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10 Tips For Optimizing Your Social Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever your favorite – All of these social media platforms are very important to, not only individuals socially, but successful businesses as well. Just as all businesses are different, so are the uses and goals of social media. There are many purposes for social media, some of which are building brand awareness, …

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Pinterest Offers “Buyable Pins” [A Look At How It Works]

That’s right, your wishes have been granted. You can now buy things directly from Pinterest! As a customer, this makes things so much easier. Every pin accompanied by a blue price tag is available for purchase. You can even see color availability directly on the app! Once you decide to buy something, just click the …

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The Connected CEO part 2

So you want to be a connected CEO? You want to take the plunge? “Where do I start?” you might ask. Well here are some tips on being an effective, connected CEO. Make sure your company has a social media policy that both the PR and HR can agree and live with. Then stick to …

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The Connected CEO

Is it Important for CEOs to be Active on Social Media?  My answer to this question is a resounding YES! Social media is here to stay and is only becoming more and more critical to our communication systems. While I believe there are some legitimate concerns, they are far outweighed by the benefits. According to …

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Instagram for Businesses

Believe it or not, Instagram isn’t just for posting pictures of your most recent meal. Instagram offers a visual way for businesses to brand, promote their products and include their business in social media conversations. Pictures offer a dynamic way to engage viewers. Photos create an emotional response; the more interesting and creative your pictures …

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LinkedIn: Not just for finding jobs

You may know LinkedIn as an online community for people to post their work experience and skills in the hopes that employers will find them. You can use it as your online business card, references, and resume all in one. Indeed, LinkedIn is at its core a directory for professionals and businesses, but it is more …

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