(VIDEO) How to Use Digital Marketing to Boost Your Medical Spa

(VIDEO) How to Use Digital Marketing to Boost Your Medical Spa

(VIDEO) How to Use Digital Marketing to Boost Your Medical Spa


If you’re ready to grow your medical spa, you’re probably wondering where to start.

It’s likely that you already understand the power of digital marketing for reaching large numbers of potential customers (that’s why you clicked!), so we will tread lightly on that topic. Our goal today is to help you answer the question,

“How do I get digital marketing to work for ME?”

We’re happy that you want to know! For over 20 years we have been working in the marketing industry to help our clients stay on top of the trends, and our team has created a digital marketing funnel that has achieved some pretty incredible results.

Discover how YOU can use digital marketing to book more appointments!

Book More Appointments for Your Medical Spa with Digital Marketing

The first step toward booking more appointments for your medical spa is learning to think like your potential customers. In the digital marketing industry, we like to take the process customers go through before they book an appointment and break it down into four stages. These are called the “four stages of the buying cycle,” and they are Attract, Engage, Covert, and Close. For our purposes, we will add a fifth stage–Prepare. It is important to have some foundational pieces of digital marketing in place before you begin. We will talk about these in a moment. We have found that clients who go through all of these stages with their potential customers see results in a matter of months!

1. Prepare for Digital Marketing

The cornerstones of a strong digital marketing strategy are effective branding and a powerful website. These pieces will not only prepare your strategy for launch but ensure it achieves the desired result. Let’s take a look at each of these elements in turn:

  • Branding – Your brand–the logo, colors, and fonts of your medical spa–provides the first impression of your business to potential customers. It is therefore very important for communicating to customers who you are and what you do! If you do not have a strong brand, you are likely to confuse potential customers when they see different logo and color visuals representing your medical spa in different places. They may not recognize you or even think that you are someone else! To maintain a strong brand, create a style guide which tells your staff which logo, colors, and fonts they are allowed to use in your digital marketing.
  • Website Design – Your website is where all of the potential customers you are trying to reach will spend their time to learn about your medical spa. It is also where Google will learn about who you are and how high they think you should rank on their search engine. These two facts alone make it very important for you to have a well-designed website with keyword-optimized content for your services. “Keyword-optimized” means that the content on your services pages focuses on that service as a keyword (for example, “botox”). The keyword should be placed naturally 5-10 times across the page to show Google what you are talking about. Redesign your website and rewrite your services if you need to before you commence your digital marketing strategy.

2. Attract Potential Medical Spa Customers

The first stage of the buying cycle after “Prepare” is “Attract,” and this is where your digital marketing truly starts. In this stage, identify potential customers. In the medical spa industry, your customers are likely women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who would like to make some minor changes to their appearance as they age (your niche may vary slightly, but let’s work with this as an example). Because of the heightened awareness created by the desire to make changes to their appearance, these women are beginning to research their options on Google. Using the information gathered by Google, these women can be targeted and attracted to your medical spa with the following digital marketing tools and tricks:

  • Social Media – As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you probably already understand the power of the digital marketing tools available, but we’re just going to put a statistic here to ease your mind… In the United States alone, Facebook has 214 million users. That’s almost 66% of the population! If your goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible, you will want to be on social media. Tools like Facebook and Instagram have incredible targeting abilities, allowing you to reach people according to their location, demographics, the groups they follow, their interests, and much, much more. Your advertisements will show up in the news feeds of exactly whom you want to see them. Simply setup a business account and begin marketing your services! Content that performs best on social media uses engaging imagery and attention-grabbing content. Always remember to put a “call to action” at the end of your posts, requesting that the follower learn more on your website or call to schedule an appointment.
  • Google Advertising – If you want to reach people who are researching on Google, get on Google! Google advertising allows you to put your medical spa at the top of the first page of potential customers’ search. Google ads show up in the “ad” section of the results page whenever a potential customer uses keywords or phrases that you have chosen to target through your ad account (to use the example from before, “botox”). Google ads that perform well use attention-grabbing titles and engaging content to capture clicks. A keyword-optimized website is also important for Google ads. If your advertisement has the same keywords as the page of the website you are pointing people to, Google knows that you are providing relevant information and not spam.
  • Blogging – One of the best ways to capture the potential customers who are researching on Google is to answer their *exact* question in a blog! At Beacon, we use Answer the Public to discover what people are searching when they look for our services. For instance, visit their website and enter “botox.” In a matter of moments, you will have a rather large list of the questions people are asking about this service, such as, “Which botox brand is best?” Write an answer to this question in blog form, keyword-optimizing for “botox.” Consistent blogging (2-3 times per week at 1,600-2,000 words if possible) will deliver incredible results for your website traffic. If you cannot manage this much blogging, 1-2 times per month at 400-600 words will also return substantial results if you are being strategic in your targeting.

3. Digital Marketing That Engages

Once potential medical spa customers have been attracted, they need a reason to stick around. At this point, you can provide higher levels–more engaging–content to keep them coming back. Answer more questions, establish credibility, and begin to develop a relationship with these people using the following digital marketing tools:

  • Video Marketing – Video is by far one of the most engaging forms of media. The customer has to do little work to understand who you are and what you do. Film and develop some short (30-60 second) video snippets that present the benefits of your medical spa or answer frequently asked questions in an engaging way. Publish these to your social media, website, and any other channels you employ!
  • Social Media Quizzes – There’s nothing like a social media quiz to engage clicks. You have probably seen them before, titles such as, “What does your style of music have to say about your personality?” Create a quiz that is relevant to your medical spa, such as, “Can we guess how old you are based on your profile picture?” It is okay to be a little bit fun and silly with this form of digital marketing. At the end of your quiz, remember to include a call to action to encourage people to visit your website or to call.

4. Convert Using Lead Generation

Now that potential customers have been attracted and engaged, it is possible that they are ready to book an appointment. You do not want to wait long before you ask them if they would like to use your services. Make your request easy for them to complete. Ask for either an email address, a time for an appointment, or which services they would like to receive. You can capture this kind of information using the following digital marketing tools for lead generation:

  • Landing Pages – In general, a “landing page” is any page on your website that you send a potential customer to after they have clicked on one of your advertisements. However, many people build separate landing pages for their website with the primary goal of conversion in mind. These pages often offer something of value in return for the requested information, such as an eBook, a free consultation, or something else of your choosing (see below!). Landing pages that perform well have an attention-grabbing headline, engaging and relevant images, and are composed of concise, relevant content to the topic discussed. The goal of every element on a landing page should be to pull the potential customer closer and closer to submitting their contact information.
  • eBooks – If you have been diligent about your blogging in the “Attract” stage, you have all of the information you need to create an eBook! Take all of the blogs of questions you have answered and compile them into one, organized digital book. You can now offer this item up in exchange for potential customers’ contact information. Perhaps you will want to call your eBook, “Everything You Need to Know About Medical Aesthetics.”
  • Other Forms of Lead Generation – When it comes to collecting contact information, you are not limited to eBooks and landing pages. There is a lot you can do on your website to capture leads! Make sure you have an intuitive contact form established on your website under “Contact Us.” Strongly consider putting a chatbot on your website if your medical spa staff can spend time managing it. You can set up a chatbot to collect an email address or a phone number before it begins, which is very useful. Another thing you could offer on your website is free subscription to a newsletter or email updates whenever you publish a new blog.

5. Close New Medical Spa Customers!

The final stage of the buying cycle is the “Close” stage, where potential customers finally decide to book an appointment with your medical spa. Once again, you want to make this step as easy for them as possible. We have found that this tool works best for most businesses:

  • Free Consultations – These require no formal commitment from potential customers and allow them to put their foot in the door. However, this first step commits them more than they realize. You are more likely to win the business of a customer who has already made some form of positive action in the direction of your medical spa. Place the offer for a free consultation across your website and landing page to bring potential customers through your doors!

If you have brought a potential customer through all of the stages of the buying cycle using digital marketing, kudos! All that remains is to stay on top of the strategies outlined here, to keep the appointments coming.

Some of our clients experience a bit of overwhelm after taking a look at everything it takes to book more appointments. If that’s you, we get it. Know that these stages and tools can be built up and added over time. For medical spas that would like a strategic partner to walk them through their digital marketing strategy, we would be more than happy to help! As we mentioned at the beginning, we have been doing this for some time and we love to help businesses grow. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with either President Adrienne Wilkerson (Reno, Nevada) or VP of Marketing Jennifer Christensen (Anchorage, Alaska).

We can’t wait to meet you!

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