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Stand Out In The Medical Industry, Target Your Facebook Ads.

The medical industry can be saturated with competition, making it difficult to stand out. Facebook is an effective marketing platform however, your company’s page may get lost in all of its clutter. Cut through all of the noise and reach your audience by creating Targeted Facebook ads.

We can narrow down what type of patient the ad will target by focusing on the following four categories.

1. Location Targeting: A patient can be reached by the geographic area in which they live in or are just physically located. This can include the country, city, state or zip code. Using their location, the ad would drive them to your nearby office by offering coupons or discounts.

2. Demographic Targeting: This category can be narrowed down into criteria such as; education, career, financial, relationship status, ethnic background, political affiliations, life events and more.

3. Interest Targeting: You can select and audience based on which pages the Facebook user likes, pages they are interacting with, the events they attend, and their Facebook apps.

4. Behavior Targeting: This is determined by the user’s online and offline habits. Useful information such as: where they travel, their purchasing behaviors, and their digital activity, can help to pinpoint a particular prospective customer.

All of these different categories can be found within Facebook’s Audience Insights. Importing your customer’s email address and phone numbers will help to create your custom audience. The tool can create your company’s ideal target audience. The Audience Insight can also be used to produce insight reports on your competitors and top performers; this information can help to create different effective target audiences.

They key is to create a buyer persona for your ideal customer. A buyer persona could include: their career, where they live, if they own a home, relationship status, and if they are a parent.

Buyer persona (1)

Create multiple targeting ads using a few personas and monitor its progress. You are sure to see positive results for your Medical Practice, along with standing out among the competition, with the use of these ads.

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