4 Website Trends to Watch in 2017

4 Anchorage Website Design Trends to Watch for This Year

4 Anchorage Website Design Trends to Watch for This Year

Websites are the foundation of all online/digital/content/inbound marketing, and with everything tied to the internet these days, the trends evolve at the speed of light. Some are worth investing in, and some may not be for your business. Here are some of what we are looking forward to in 2017 in the world of website design for Anchorage businesses.

Below the Fold Matters Too

Historically we saw that people didn’t really scroll to look for the information they wanted. If they didn’t see what they needed in the first screen that appeared on their laptop or desktop, they would skip on to the next page. We are predicting that this trend is changing and has changed. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we all have to scroll on our mobile devices and as of August 2016, about 51% of people are accessing the internet with a mobile device of some kind. We believe it still holds true that you have to catch them in the first few seconds they are viewing everything above the fold and convince them they want to scroll to read the rest of the story. However, knowing that people are willing to scroll opens up new opportunities for designing with the whole page in mind and creating more of an experience for the reader.

More and more, visitors to your website want an experience and the more you can tell a compelling story that weaves together quality content including videos and photos the more you are going to be able to engage the reader. Engaging the reader leads to them stay longer and develop more of a connection with your brand. When your potential client establishes a connection, there more potential for them to buy from you instead of a competitor.

Beautiful BIG Type

Again, it is important to build a relationship with your website visitors. They want to get to know your brand’s personality, and a great way to express that is with the creative use of type. Does your business want to be known as the quirky, fun business or the neighborhood place to hang out and relax? Do you want the public to connect with you as the sophisticated place to be or the best place for moms to come and let their toddlers run off some energy? Typography is an excellent tool to complement your business’s logo and communicate the heart of the brand.

The goal is to engage with the right target audience, and here it is again….build a connection with them. The design of your website should resonate with them and create an experience they remember.

Layouts Working Together with Content

Smart Insights reported that last year the average American spent 87 hours per month browsing on their smartphone. That’s a lot of time to spend surfing the web. What are we doing during all of that time? We’re looking at content that engages us on some level or another. When Inbound Marketing first started the focus was exclusively on the content, and design was not even in the picture. It was all about getting the right words on the website so that Google gave you the best ranking possible. It was all about offering the public content that was interesting. This new method went a long way for a short time. But we are visual creatures, and just quality words weren’t enough for us, we wanted quality visuals as well.

The pendulum has swung back toward the middle, and quality design is now an intricate part of an excellent website. We are especially excited about the balance between informative content (text, videos, photos) and design. The two are coming together to compliment each other in a beautiful way, and we look forward to this trend continuing to evolve in 2017. We believe to have a website that is an effective marketing tool for your business, the design, and the content must develop together in an organic way and not happen independently.

Exciting and Vivid Colors Explode

We believe that the minimalist design trends set by Google will continue to be the strongest influence on the look and feel of websites in 2017. Simple, clean designs are perfect for the use of bold and dramatic colors, which can help your site stand out amongst your competitors. Even if your branding doesn’t use a bright, flashy color consider trying a brighter, more vibrant version on one of your business’s colors and see what it does for your website traffic!

The use of color is also vital to the hierarchy of a website. A site must be easy for a user to navigate, you want them to find where they want to go quickly and intuitively. Your visitors will stay longer when the colors hold their attention and help them understand how to get the information they want.

We are excited about these trends and the impact they can have on our clients’ websites. Your website should be an active tool that is generating leads and customers for your company or business. If your website is not performing the way you want it to, it is important to contact your Anchorage website design and development experts. Get your site reviewed for items that can be tweaked or changed to increase it’s traffic and earning potential for your company.

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