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The Evolution of Marketing

The Evolution of Marketing


Back in the 1960’s, marketing was just getting to be well developed by the pros. Thinking about the marketing world in the 1960’s probably reminds you of the popular TV show Mad Men, however, to our surprise, the show is quite exaggerated. Up until the emergence of the Internet, marketing was pretty straightforward and consistent. The most drastic changes have been in the past 15 years with advancements in technology and the development of social media. Now that the world of marketing has changed so drastically, lets compare the then versus the now. Which seems most effective?

From brick and mortar to web-base

THEN: Most businesses only had physical locations. This meant it was much more difficult for new customers to find businesses they had never heard of, that is, unless they saw an ad somewhere. They couldn’t look up anyone for reviews. And what were you supposed to do when you needed to contact a business? Remember their phone number…? OR USE A PHONEBOOK?! WHAT!

NOW: For businesses these days, you don’t even really need physical location in some cases! There are some businesses that operate completely online. On the other hand, it is more difficult to just have a physical location and no online presence. By not being online, businesses miss out on potential expansion of customers. We are all about convenience these days, I’d rather read your services online to see if I’m interested than have to come in person to learn more.

From monologue to dialogue.

THEN: Marketing was a one-way street. The company would give information to the customer trying to get them to buy or use their product or services. Customers were unaware that there were better options out there. When someone had a Ford car, they continue buying Ford because that’s what they’ve used in the past. Other option were questionable, as they would not know how the car would run, for how long, what issues it would have etc.


NOW: Engaging customers is very crucial to a company’s success. Customers feel like they can trust a company that engages with their customers. It is also important to utilize the feedback given via the Internet and respond. Nobody wants to use a company that has bad reviews. If someone is wondering about a product, they can look it up and find thousands of reviews, some even with photos and videos.

From outbound to inbound

THEN: Money and time was invested in buying Ad space for billboards and cheesy commercials. Sales people would buy contact information to demon-dial potential customers until they bought their product or used their service. Information was forced upon the average person in efforts to get them to buy stuff. This time in marketing was focused on trying to get information out there on the product or service, which, in turn, just became quite annoying.


NOW: The focus is to have quality content for your business. The Internet is at the base of marketing. Companies aren’t saying “buy this’, instead they’re saying “enjoy this information we’ve provided” which makes customers more likely to buy things on their own terms. They know about the product and they feel they can trust your company. The use of keywords and SEO are used in order to make companies more visible to those searching for specifics on Google. Without a strong social media presence and a stellar website layout, chances are your company won’t reach it’s full potential.

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