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Thankful Reflections

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, always a good time to reflect. What amazes me is that three years ago Jennifer and I met for the first time. Some of you may have already heard this story, but I never get tired of telling it. You have to understand how small Anchorage is; we have two degrees of separation here on a good day. So Jennifer and I should have met many, many times before we did. Her children went to the school I coached volleyball at; one of her daughters was even in my mother’s classroom. We knew so many of the same people, but strangely our paths had never crossed, until October of 2011.

Neither one of us had any idea that our meeting would change the course of both our lives as dramatically as it has, in fact at the time both of us just believed it to be a funny coincidence. But by the close of 2011, we both agreed that it was much, much more. Our paths had been on a collision course for far longer than either one of us knew.

We knew our industry was changing dramatically but we were stuck because each one only had ½ of the equation. It only took a few months of working the two sides of client projects to figure out that together we could have something dynamically stronger than either one of us were doing on our own. So five short months after meeting for the first time, our two companies, Beacon Publishing & Design and Amazing Grace Media merged to form Beacon Media + Marketing (BeaconMM). What followed in the almost three years since has been nothing short of miraculous!

Truth be told, fact is stranger than fiction in our case. In the first 9 months alone, BeaconMM survived events that often put businesses six feet under. Couple that with the historic and earth-shattering changes in our industry and you have a recipe for a much steeper learning curve than either of us anticipated. But thanks to some very loyal staff and clients, understanding vendors, and huge amounts of support from family members, we have grown and are stronger than ever.

Sure, I’ve always had the vision to own and run a company with global reach, but until that day when Jennifer and I realized what a dynamic team we were TOGETHER, I had no idea how that dream was going to become a reality. It might have started with us, but we knew from the beginning that to effect change in our industry and the businesses we work with we needed a team!

Our vision has always been to form real and meaningful partnerships with our clients; to support their businesses as they support ours, to grow together. We own our own business to be able to work in an environment of openness and honesty. Our clients and our staff have challenged Jennifer and I to be better leaders, better businesswomen and better people. I am so thankful for their honesty and willingness to walk through this journey with us.


Now, only three short years into this adventure, I am floored and overwhelmed with thankfulness and yes-even joy at what a gift I’ve been given. The gift is not just the business, it is the people that I get to learn with, growth with, make mistakes with, and celebrate great victories with. In truth I am awed by the opportunity I’ve been given to work with so many amazing people and I am beyond excited for what 2015 and beyond holds for all of us!

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