3 Reasons Why Having a Mission Statement Matters…

Working in PR and Advertising you might be surprised that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Mission statement until recently. I generally thought of mission statements as the words that we use to describe how we want people to perceive us,  but don’t really translate into real actions. Integrity, honor and fair play sound great, but what does that really mean as far as the company policies and practices?

How did I become a believer in the importance of the Mission Statement? It’s an interesting story-We recently hired an amazing business consultant (more about that later)  to assist us in improving our processes and company culture. She helped us in so many ways and we are beyond grateful that we took the time and invested  in improving our business from the inside out.  Our original vision and plans concerning Beacon are now more aligned than ever with our daily actions.

It was our business consultant that clearly showed me the importance of a clear mission statement. Not one that was general and with big words, but one that really gets to the heart of the matter. Why are we in business? What matters to us and why? She highlighted what was even more important- that the mission statement itself is just the beginning. It’s the foundation on which your business is built with action. It took a lot of thought and soul searching, and what we found both delighted and surprised us. It was the story we’ve been trying to tell since we merged and formed Beacon Media + Marketing, but now it’s clear and intentional for all to see and hold us accountable to our principals.

Here’s three reasons that having your mission statement matters…

  1. Your Team- When you hire and train staff to represent your company- they are looking for evidence of who you are as a company. If you want them to represent your mission and values well- they have to know the foundation of where you stand.
  2. Your Clients-Famed business expert, Steven Covey, says it best ” people are hungry for authentic leadership that is mission-focused, leadership that draws on their lives’ meaning and purpose to prosper” frankly, do you want to do business with a company that really doesn’t care about anything besides making a profit.
  3. Yourself- When days get rough as an entrepreneur, and they do sometimes, it’s easy to forget why you are working this hard. Does it really matter? A mission statement that is truly birthed from an authentic place of your vision and purpose for your business can bring you back to the why you are doing this and inspire you all over again!
    I hope this has inspired you to take the time to invest in your business mission statement. Here’s our mission statement. It guides us daily!


To be a Beacon of Light in the often murky waters of the Marketing World. To operate with transparency, forward thinking, excellence and to always be competitive in our value and services.

Company Overview

We are Inbound Marketing and Social Media Experts currently serving Alaska and Arizona. We offer services in the areas of marketing, PR, social media management, event planning, graphic design, website development, brand development and management, as well as radio and TV advertising. We also offer niche publishing and publicist services.


For us at Beacon it is all about the people and the relationships we have built with our clients and vendors over the years. Our founder, Adrienne Wilkerson, first started our company because she saw a need for quality design and unparalleled customer service. She wanted to create a design team that focused on the goals of the client and needs of the audience, a strategic partnership between client and designer. Thus BEACON publishing + design llc was born. In 2012 things, as they enviably do, changed and changed for the better. Jennifer Christensen with Amazing Grace Media and Adrienne met through mutual clients and discovered just how dynamic they could be as a team. Amazing Grace Media became a division of Beacon and new opportunities began opening up for both companies. Through this partnership, Beacon is now a full service advertising and PR company with a fantastic suite of services to offer.

P.S.- If you want more info on our fabulous business consultant- give me a call and I’ll make a personal referral for you: 907-563-6008


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