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Back to School, Back to Business: 3 simple tips for growing your business

We’ve noticed a trend in the past few years that this time of year our clients tend to refocus, reengage, and start digging in deep to their business growth. It’s no coincidence that it matches the time that kids are going back to school. Whether you have more free time because the kids are now in their routine, or you just naturally focus more on work when the fishing starts to wind down- this is a great time of year to dig in and grow your business.


1. Investigate the changes in the market concerning reaching new customers. There have been major shifts in social media, SEO and Email marketing that are greatly affecting businesses. The businesses that are staying current on the newest trends are growing at an even faster pace. Reevaluate your marketing plan. Do you have a clear ROI on the dollars being spent? We suggest an internal audit to evaluate what marketing pieces are producing the biggest results. If you are not tracking where your leads are coming from start NOW!

Gather Your Statistics

2. Get great stats on your website for FREE! Your website is a foundational component to your business. We love to routinely monitor the level of its effectiveness. Here is a great tool; the detailed information provided helps you with SEO, Content Management and your ranking compared to competitors on Google.

Engage in The Social Movement

3. Go Social. If you haven’t dove into the deep end of social media marketing yet- Do it! The way that our entire culture has changed in the past 5-10 years is a shift so dramatic that it’s being compared to the to the invention of the printing press. Consumers are in control and want to be a part of the conversation. 88% do not trust, nor want to be sold via advertising. If you need some help and inspiration on getting your social media rocking- we love the folks at Post Planner and Canva.

We’re in the refocus & reengaging mode at the Beacon office as well. Pencils are sharpened, creative inspiration flowing and our clients strategies and social media classes are growing again. Reach out to me if you have any questions on this blog or any fun marketing questions in general. It’s what we love to do!

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