Instagram for Businesses

Believe it or not, Instagram isn’t just for posting pictures of your most recent meal. Instagram offers a visual way for businesses to brand, promote their products and include their business in social media conversations.

Pictures offer a dynamic way to engage viewers. Photos create an emotional response; the more interesting and creative your pictures are, the larger an audience you will draw in.

If you are new to Instagram, a good place to start is to upload pictures that show your product in a unique fun way. Starbucks does a great job with this; they post daily pictures of their drinks in unexpected and whimsical situations. Behind-the-scenes photos also engage viewers – the audience feels as though they are getting a special look at something they will not normally see.

Additionally, contests on Instagram can offer another way to build an audience and engage followers. Offer a prize or a benefit for uploading a picture featuring your product in use. You can also take advantage of hashtags by asking your audience to use a hashtag related to your product or business in their picture.

The use of hashtags also offers a way to take your business into everyday conversation. For example, if someone was looking for a car they could search for key words such as #wheels #auto #car. If you are using these hashtags with your photos, the user conducting the search will see them. Using your own creative hashtag can often catch on and be used by other viewers, creating more traffic to your Instagram photos, which leads to more awareness of your business, more traffic to your website, and potentially more leads and sales.

The key to a successful Instagram campaign for your business is to be creative and find unique ways to engage your audience.